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As a product leader, I’ve distilled key frameworks, methods, and insights to help teams build great products. This page features guides across the product lifecycle - from discovery techniques to uncover innovative opportunities, product strategy frameworks to set a vision and roadmap, synthesizing…

Tools & Templates

Product Strategy Guide — Templates/Frameworks (2023 Edition)
Developing a winning product strategy is crucial yet complex. This comprehensive guide distills the core frameworks product managers need to craft a strategy that delights customers and dominates the competition. Get ready to level up your strategic thinking.
Product Discovery Guide — Playbook & Frameworks (2023)
Innovation begins with uncertainty. Every great product starts as a foggy notion lacking shape and substance. But through deliberate product discovery, successful teams transform those raw seeds of ideas into beloved products rooted in real customer needs.
Product Strategy Frameworks
In today’s competitive landscape, a rock-solid product strategy framework is the key to developing successful products that captivate customers and accelerate growth.