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As a product leader, I've distilled key frameworks, methods, and insights to help teams build great products.

This page features guides across the product lifecycle - from discovery techniques to uncover innovative opportunities, product strategy frameworks to set a vision and roadmap, synthesizing insights to deeply understand your customers, and startup playbooks to drive growth.

Synthesizing Insights

Understanding your users is the key to building great products. This guide explores how modern product teams synthesize quantitative and qualitative customer insights to gain a complete picture of their users' needs.

Understanding the people using your product with insights
How modern product teams understand the needs of people using their products, and diagnose problems with quantitative and qualitative insights

Product Strategy

Product strategy helps a company achieve its goals and objectives, and it can help you make informed decisions about allocating your resources and growing your business. A well-defined product strategy will help you bring find and expand product/market fit.

This guide will teach you how to develop a product strategy, how to choose the right product strategy for your business, how to create and implement a growth strategy, and how to improve existing products.

Product Strategy Guide — Templates/Frameworks (2023 Edition)
Developing a winning product strategy is crucial yet complex. This comprehensive guide distills the core frameworks product managers need to craft a strategy that delights customers and dominates the competition. Get ready to level up your strategic thinking.

OKRs for Product Managers & Leaders

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) provide a powerful framework for product teams to set measurable goals, align efforts, and track progress towards strategic outcomes. This comprehensive guide explores how to effectively implement OKRs in product management to laser-focus teams, optimize decision-making, and achieve exceptional results.

OKR Product Management for Exceptional Outcomes
Objectives and key results (OKRs) provide a framework for setting measurable goals to align teams and track progress. By setting inspiring objectives and measurable key results, product managers can laser-focus their teams to achieve successful outcomes and optimize decision-making.

Product Sense

Developing a strong sense of product strategy is crucial for product teams looking to build successful products. This guide explores key frameworks and insights that can help unlock effective product strategy, from understanding user needs and behaviors to measuring metrics like engagement and retention.

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