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Real-world Strategy

Our publishing team built products, teams, and strategies at Amazon, Skyscanner, Capital One, Productboard, and more.

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Levels of Product Strategy: a framework from feature to company
Product strategy is the translation of the business strategy and product vision into actionable context and tactics. But how does it vary from company to feature-level mandates? Let’s explore a framework.
Business strategy development: the foundation of any great product strategy
What is strategy? Everyone knows you need one. Most people can’t agree upon what it actually is. Even fewer people can provide great examples of what it actually is. Break apart the elements of business strategy in this article.
Working Backwards: The Amazon PR/FAQ for Product Innovation
The Amazon PR/FAQ is the key document in the product discovery or working backwards process, used to ensure that all stakeholders have a common understanding of the idea. It is the starting point for all other product documents and mockups.
Product Objectives: your guide to getting started with objective-based product management
OKRs are useful for product teams because they provide a way to measure progress and ensure that everyone is aligned on the team’s objectives. They can also help to motivate employees by providing a framework for recognizing and rewarding progress.
The B2B SaaS Playbook: Product Strategy & Metrics
Successful B2B SaaS startups should measure their strategy with key metrics in order to ensure that they are growing efficiently and have healthy gross margins. Key metrics for B2B SaaS companies include burn multiple, hype ratio, lifetime value, and user engagement.
Empowered by Marty Cagan
In most product companies, the role of true product leadership is largely missing in action. Instead, there are mainly facilitators, responsible for staffing the in-house (or even worse, outsourced) feature factory, and keeping the trains running on time.

Our Mission

Have you ever wondered what product strategy really is? Have you questioned your current strategy? Felt like your company didn't have a strategy? Wondered what great product strategy looks like? Felt let down by most sites and templates talking about strategy? If yes, then you are in the right place, and it's exactly why we built PS.co.

No single word conjures so many meanings, while being completely ambiguous. This is why product leaders and makers from companies like Apple, Disney, Netflix, Stripe, and others subscribe to our newsletter.

We're on a mission to help every product person understand product strategy.

How we help you develop a winning strategy

Many websites offers a template, eBook, and 1500-word article on building a product strategy. But while ok to good, they're not great – and often this content is not created by the people behind real, winning product strategies. The #1 book on Amazon.com for Product Strategy is written by an Agile Coach turned product influencer with no experience crafting real-world product strategy. We're here to change this.

Product Strategy encompasses a number of inputs – from business strategy and goals, market and customer research, the team and technology, positioning and channel strategy, the current offering and metrics, and more – required to develop a winning one that everyone can align around.

This site is where we show you the exact tips, frameworks, and techniques you need to develop your Product Strategy without fluff or high-level advice.

Just actionable, honest guidance.


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About Stephen

This site was founded by Stephen M. Walker II, an internationally recognized Product Leader and Co-founder/CEO of Klu.ai, an LLM App Platform. Over the last 20 years, Stephen built exceptional businesses, teams, and products at Klu, AT&T, Capital One, Amazon, and Productboard.

He also failed at times, saw products that once worked get sold or shelved, and had v1 of a Dropbox-like app get cancelled in 2006 after a strategy shift lost internal buy-in and no interested external buyer.

By day he leads Klu.ai building the first Generative AI App platform for businesses to design, deploy, and optimize LLM-powered applications.

Before founding Klu, he led product management and strategy at Productboard and spoke at Product School, covering product leadership topics.

3 ways product leaders can build stakeholder alignment | Productboard
Product leaders who create strong alignment within their organizations build more successful products and deliver those products to market, faster.

This site teaches the lessons he learned along the way, while bringing other industry experts to the table for broader perspectives and their learnings.