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Stephen M. Walker II
Stephen M. Walker II
Just Launched: Our expanded, global OpenAI GPT-4 deployment — Klu
Expanding our global deployment of OpenAI GPT-4 across 12 regions, emphasizing redundancy, load scaling, and regional privacy compliance.
Product Discovery Guide — Playbook & Frameworks (2023)
Innovation begins with uncertainty. Every great product starts as a foggy notion lacking shape and substance. But through deliberate discovery, successful teams transform those raw seeds of ideas into beloved products rooted in real customer needs. Documentation
Klu documentation, guides, and best practices for deploying Generative AI. — Design, Deploy, and Optimize Generative AI Apps
Design, deploy, and optimize Generative AI apps with

About AI
LLM AI, or Language Model AI, refers to sophisticated artificial intelligence systems designed to understand and generate human-like language. Powered by GPT-3.5-turbo, LLM AI is capable of processing and comprehending vast amounts of textual data, enabling it to assist with a wide range of tasks
Building great products
Once upon a time in the bustling world of business, a company named TechVision emerged with a burning desire to conquer the market with its innovative products. The leadership team understood the pivotal role of a robust product strategy in their success. Hence, they embarked on a journey to craft a…
LLMs and AI
Once upon a time, in a world immersed in technological advancements, a breakthrough occurred in the field of artificial intelligence. The development and deployment of Large Language Models (LLMs) marked a significant milestone in generative AI. In this thriving era of LLMs, they became essential t…

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